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Hello & thank you for stopping by our site!  Take a look around I am sure once you do your will be glad you did!  ***NEW INFORMATION*** checkout the ABOUT tab:)

Ultimate Success Inc. is a Health Screening & Coaching Center. Our goal is to provide screening services at a reasonable price so as many people as possible have access to these services. Promoting health, wellness, & quality of life throughout the communities!

We offer :

1)  Cholesterol Screening which includes: Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, & Risk Ratio for Heart Disease. (Recieve results in only 7 mins!!!)

2) BIA Body Composition Screening which includes: Weight, BMI, Body Fat%, Body Mass Fat in lbs, Body Fat Range, Fat Free Mass, Viseral Fat Rating, Body Water%, Body Water Mass in lbs, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, BMR, Metabolic Age, DCI, Physique Rating, as well as Segmental Fat % of Arms, Legs, Trunk & Segmental Muscle Mass of Arms, Legs, & Trunk in lbs. BIA machine is FDA approved! Anaylsis only take a few minutes!

3) Other Services: Blood Pressure Checks, Height,  & Waist Circumference. 

4) With every screening clients will have the opportunity to visit with a Health Coach and discuss and review results. 

We are located in Minneapolis in the Beautiful Longfellow Community.  5 minutes from St. Paul as well. 4161 Minnehaha Ave So Suite 1 & 2 Minneapolis Minnesota 55406. Phone: (612) 545-5612  Fax: (612) 545-5613l

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